12 okt. 2016

Sashay away - My first empties post!

My first empties post is a go! I've never done one of these. Mostly because I don't ever use products up for the life of me - a travel size shower gel literally took me 6 months to use up. How other people use 2 in a month? I have no sensibleanswer.

Also, I left out products like lotions, makeup removers, toothpaste, cotton pads and jazz like that. Why? Well, my blatant opinion is that personally I find them quite boring to read, especially when it's about products there's not much to say about (like toothpaste and cotton pads). I also leave out mascara because my lashes suck so every mascara kind of looks the same on them, which makes reviewing them pointless. 
Other than that, I just don't use any products aside from bar soap, facial cleanser and absolute necessities like that (which again, take me several decades to use up). I dunno man, I just don't have the time and mostly dediction to use lotion every day. People who do: I salute you.

So I wanted to narrow it down to stuff I actually was able to use up and... makeup! Finishing a makeup product is a milestone in life that should be shared. Also, it shows what products are the bees knees, as it takes so long to use up and thus must be good.

Here are my picks.

7 okt. 2016

Lipsync For Your Life - Product I want to use up: an Introduction #1

Can you tell I've been watching RuPaul's Drag Race? Because I have been. A lot. So I decided I wanted to name a new series on my blog after the show. If you've seen my latest post, you probably know that I want to buy less products and use my stash (I suggest you give it a read as it shows the direction my blog is going). There are 1) things that I want to keep no matter what ("Shante you stay"), 2) things that I will destash because I can not see myself using them ("Sashay away") and 3) products that are not my favourite but have so little product left that I will just use them up, after which I decide if I will repurchase them or not ("Lipsync for your life").

I wanted to name this series something else than "project pan" because real talk, these jars don't have a pan, haha! They have either stuff inside of them or not, no way around it, so I came up with different names! I hope it's not too confusing. I found it appropriate since drag queens go through makeup like water.

If you have no idea what the names of the categories mean, I highly suggest you watch RuPaul's Drag Race - also amongst other reasons because it's amazing.

This category is about the third group. They are pretty so I won't have issues using them up, so I won't destash them (hence the "you stay"). After I've used them up I will decide if I will repurchase them or not, hence the "lipsync for your life": this is their last chance to impress me.

"So good luck, and don't fuck it up."

26 sep. 2016

And now for something completely different. (Longwinded rambling incoming)

Hi folks!

This is a complete, random blogpost that I didn't even plan to write. It just bubbled up inside me 1 minute ago, but it's about a topic that I've been thinking about for weeks now. It's something that directly effects my blog so it would be better to discuss it here and maybe spread the word.

No no, don't worry, I'm not quitting blogging, far from it. Blogging is one of the only places I can be endlessly creative and I wouldn't want to miss it. However, the topics I write about might change a bit in the near future. Let's just say, Kylie was right when she said 2016 is the year of realising things. I did some realising of my own.

19 aug. 2016

Face of 16/08/16: Modern Morticia

I'm coming straight to your computer screen with a new Face of the Day! I keep saying I want to do these more often, but my camera thought it was a brilliant idea to incessantly keep making me look 10x more orange and darker than I actually am. The only thing that seems to keep the contrast right is a dark lip, so here we are!

The beauty of vacation is that you can play endlessly with your makeup and after an hour look into the mirror going "whoops, well that happened". It gives me so much creativity, I love it. You don't have to see anybody all day so you've got plenty of chance to play. Admittedly, this is not the most creative look I've ever done, but I thought it was worth a shot (literally), because why not.

Although the look was not done with a direct theme in mind, this Fyrinnae lip just screams Morticia to me, which is right up my alley. I like to consider Morticia my spirit animal. Unfortunately, we are and look absolutely nothing alike, but that's a minor detail. However, if anybody know where I can get one of her flowy dresses, let me know like yesterday.

A+ background

4 aug. 2016

New love: Clean Cauldron Quench Moisturizer & Eyeshadow

... Is this happening? Am I dipping my toes into skincare? I'm afraid it is true and happening, friends. (Doesn't mean that I know anything about it, though).

Today I'm introducing you to the brand Clean Cauldron. Funfact: I just found out what 'cauldron' means in Dutch, after months of using their products, huehue. It means 'ketel'.
I came across this brand through iluvjesse444 on Youtube that mentioned the brand in a favourites video. I was using another moisturizer at the time that just didn't really cut it for dry winter skin, so I branched out into the indie world to find something that would give my cheeks baby-butt status.

Oh boy, how I found exactly that at Clean Cauldron. Review time!

Clean Cauldron review

6 jul. 2016

Kiko - 244 + I'm So, So Sorry

Good lord, have I been an A+ beautyblogger or what?!

I've been silent for what, 1,5 months now? I'm deeply, deeply ashamed. To my very core. The worst part is... I don't really have a good explanation. Fine, I've been away to 'Murca (New York! Haul will be reviewed soon!) for 2 weeks in June, but I came back about 3 weeks ago, so that's no excuse. What can I say, summer happened, then Orange Is The New Black happened, then even more Netflix happened. But again, I could've easily squeezed some bloggin' time in. The truth is that I'm distracted by anything and everything, rather like this dog.

Onto some nailtalk, since we've got a LOT of catching up to do. I've barely painted my nails, but I made some pictures the one time that I did. This dark vampy lady that is flaunting my phallanges is the one and only Kiko 244. It's a pretty one, but to be completely honest, I don't gravitate towards it a lot. It's extremely dark, to the paint where it just seems black 99% of the time, except when seen in sunlight. Then I'm thinking: if I wanted to wear black, I might as well just wear black. Same goes for purple: when I want something purple, I'll just take some damn purple polish. This is just too much in between for me.

It took about 3 coats to get completely opaque, but this brush has the tendency to wipe away polish when you go over a place more than once. You can see it in full action on my ring finger if you look closely, especially near the base of my nail. It's a bummer, but nothing 3 coats can't fix.

Lasting time was shorter than I remember - about 2 days - , but I blame that on the circumstances since Kiko polishes tend to last very long on me normally.

Kiko 244 nail polish swatch

25 mei 2016

Dupes In My Collection #3 (Urban Decay, Too Faced, Indie) + Tiny Update


It's me...

(How many MIA bloggers have used that joke by now? Welp, so much for originality.)

Guys, guys, I'm sorry. These weeks are crazy for me, I barely have time to sleep. Well that's kind of a lie, because I have had some time to watch series (I'm watching Degrassi in Youtube like no tomorrow, no shame), but blogging has not been happening lately. And it will not change in some time, because next Saturday I'll be in New York for two weeks (!!!). Exciting stuff! But blogging won't be my priority until then. I'll try to set some things up so I won't be missed too much, but since exams and papers and all that fun stuff happened I'm not sure when. To be continued.

Part 3 in my dupe series! I thought this was the last bit, but nope. I find more every day, so you betcha there's going to be a part 4.

On to the dupes!

Urban Decay Frisk My Pretty Zombie Pasty Ass Dupe